• Port Infrastructure
  • Brunei petrochemical engineering port project and supporting construction Port Infrastructure
  • Special port engineering of clinker production line of Conch Cement Indonesia Port Infrastructure
  • Port engineering of Shenzhen liquefied natural gas project (Yifu station) Port Infrastructure
  • Xiamen open-sea full-automatic container port reconstruction demonstrative project (Phase I) Port Infrastructure
  • Shenjiawan Passenger Center Phase II project, Shengsi County Port Infrastructure
Coal port Phase III engineering of Caofeidian port area, Tangshan Port – port hydraulic structure and harbor basin dredging work

Port Infrastructure

As the general contractor, we constructed two 100,000T coal port berths, two 70,000T coal port berths, and one 50,000T coal port berth. Construction location is Caofeidian District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China.The purpose of the project is coal port.