Company profile

Watts International Maritime Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “WIME” or the “Group”) is a leading engineering construction service provider for ports and waterways in China, mainly focusing on port infrastructure engineering, waterway engineering and others. By the end of 2019, through mergers and acquisitions, the Group has further expanded its businesses to municipal engineering. For years, the Group has been gradually exploring businesses to Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Central China and North China, etc., and following “the Belt and Road” initiative to bring engineering construction and technical services to Brunei, Indonesia and other countries and regions with clients covering electricity, shipping, energy, chemical, municipal engineering, housing construction industries and others, dedicated to providing professional engineering services for cross-industry clients in different countries.

WIME mainly has five affiliated companies: Shanghai Third Harbor Benteng Maritime Engineering Co., Ltd. Watts Gallop Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd, Benteng Indonesia and Benteng Brunei and Shanghai Watts Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.Shanghai Third Harbor Benteng Maritime Engineering Co.,Ltd. holds first-grade general contractor qualification of port and waterway construction issued by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China, and two first-grade professional contractor qualifications of port and costal engineering and ground foundation engineering. Watts Gallop Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. holds first-grade general contractor qualification of architectural project construction and first-grade general contractor qualification of municipal public project construction.

The Group has been working on the relevant businesses for more than 20 years with rich operating experience. Thanks to the continuous efforts of its employees, the Group has provided mature and complete services for 100+ port infrastructure projects, 20+ waterway engineering projects, and 230+ municipal public projects and housing construction projects, and has constructed a series of outstanding typical demonstration projects.

WIME insists on the corporate spirit of “incessant pursuit and improvement by small progress every day” and adheres to the mission of “creating values for clients, seeking development for employees, making profits for shareholders and undertaking responsibilities for society!”, endeavoring to become a renowned engineering general contracting service provider in the industry!